There is no complete and reliable information on the Diaspora community. Surveys conducted on the Diaspora community are not statistically significant because they are not supported by numbers, so their ability to give directions for initial plans is weak. Although information on Diaspora may be collected at different governmental offices, the lack of coordinated operations between the offices makes it difficult to obtain reference information regarding the diaspora on a national level. This task and responsibility should be resolved by the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency. The Agency is responsible for obtaining, analyzing and distributing information from any other party in a better and organized manner. Providing diaspora information and research for government policy on the use of government inputs is also a priority for the Agency. The agency will focus in organizing the data collected by different institutions and help to gather reliable information as well as conduct diaspora related studies will be a task that the agency will focus on.

This division records the information collected, works done and the experiences that will be collected in other departments. It will work on database management, analyzing information and the availability of associated institutional memory. It organizes information in other divisions. It gathers information about the Diaspora’s role in the home country and the social, economic, and political activities in the countries in which they live. It works and coordinates diaspora related studies and research activities. It works to lead the diaspora affairs based on studied settings. Will work on research based legal and policy improvements as needed. Coordinates in presenting the national role of the Diaspora and the challenges to the government and the public. Works together with other departments of the agency so that their work is supported by relevant information and studies. Gathers and presents studies concerning the diaspora, conducted by other institutions to the corresponding departments. Coordinates for the conduction of a standard level research regarding diaspora affairs to be carried out by national and international institutions.

The Communications Affairs section of this department works permanently to ensure that the Agency has access to all available communications facilities to be accessible to the diaspora community and to the public. It answers questions raised about the diaspora and the Agency. It builds awareness through printed materials and media programs. Provides different media programs to the diaspora in different countries through community radio programs. Works on awareness creation on the national roles and challenges of the diaspora on national participation through buying air time and sponsoring programs on local private or government owned electronic media.  Supports the diaspora media through the development of the diaspora’s national role. It regularly works with the agency’s website, social media and print media to make it as needed.