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Ethiopia is a country that pays special attention to the Diaspora affairs. Although Ethiopia, like many other countries, has a lot to say about the issue of the Diaspora, there are three main points.

The first reason emanates from the government’s responsibility to fulfill its obligation to its citizens, both within and outside the country. The second major reason is that the internationally accepted “The Diaspora Option” is considered as a great opportunity in the country’s development and democracy process. The Diaspora Option is a way of coordinating comprehensive involvement of the Diaspora in the national development and good governance. Third, it is essential to adapt to the international community’s political situation. With the creation of the cross border citizenship concept, the expansion of social media and the flow of ideas, the progression of the second and third generation’s political ideas, the work of integrating Ethiopians into their home country has become a global reality. The Ethiopian Diaspora Agency has been set up to provide a way for the Diaspora community to understand their national and international circumstances.

Concept of ​​the Diaspora Community Agency

How we understand and demonstrate the Diaspora community will also affect the Diaspora in their country’s development and the government’s efforts to enforce the rights and interests of the Diaspora. Generally the agency operates under these five principles regarding the concept of the diaspora community. (They have listed 5)
1. The Diaspora of Ethiopia includes all Ethiopians and generations of Ethiopians who have left their country due to political, economic or social issues and are living in different parts of the world. 
2. The Diaspora community just as it has rights and benefits of citizens, also has citizenship responsibilities.  In particular, the agency will follow practices and principles that help the Diaspora take interest in national affairs and also create ties so as to enable them fulfill their part as a citizen.
3. The Diaspora community has an idea that the Diaspora community should be accommodated in a manner of national unity but different from the social structure of the community and the political and economic conditions of the people.
4. The Diaspora community agency will not trail on a shifting image of its position and status but rather a viable good representation that is based on citizenship and Ethiopian nationality.
5. The agency works to promote excellent interaction following the notion that even though the Diaspora community is living in foreign countries; accomplishing the diaspora’s rights to access the benefits, and its national contribution is directly connected with the citizens of the country.

Ethiopian Diaspora Agency Key Components

The Diaspora Community Development Directorate: Understanding the rights and interests of the Diaspora, and engaging in community development activities in order to ensure our country’s development partnership. This division recognizes the state of the country in which the Diaspora community lives in the various parts of the world, with a focus on community-based interventions that are related and inclusive of national affairs.

The Diaspora Participation Directorate: Is a key part of the Directorate’s Trade, Investment and Tourism’s Department. It provides a single window service at the Agency for the business and investment activities carried out by the Diaspora in the country. It is a working unit that promotes the role of knowledge and technology transfer of the diaspora.

Information, Research and Communication Affairs Directorate: The agency will have the responsibility of collecting, analyzing and distributing information regarding the Diaspora community and its current situation. Providing the diaspora information and studies that provide policy guidance for the government and other concerned stakeholders is a priority task that the agency gives special attention to.

Rights and Legal Protection Affairs Directorate: Ethiopians living abroad have the rights to access services from the government. The issue of protecting rights and benefits of the diaspora is one of the main reasons why the agency has been established.